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How MovFast got struck ⚡️ 12 Hours Saved Weekly per user by Automating Order Forms with Structize AI and Excel®

Sao Paulo, Brazil - MovFast, a leading importer of hardware solutions for the retail industry, has revolutionized its order processing with Structize AI. Specializing in products like printing solutions, barcode scanners, mobile computing, rugged tablets, RFID, and real-time location systems (RTLS), MovFast distributes its offerings through a network of resellers and distributors.

Previously, managing such a diverse network and ensuring that all order forms were submitted in a uniform format proved challenging. MovFast relied heavily on manual data entry, primarily using Excel and HubSpot, which was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors.

In the below video, Julia Mansur from MovFast shares her experience with Structize AI, highlighting the substantial impact it has had on her daily work and how she has now more time for the sales and marketing activities that she loves to do:


To streamline this process, MovFast implemented a new workflow on the Structize AI platform, which activates whenever an order is received via email. The AI technology efficiently extracts necessary data from the emails and attachments, populating an Excel template automatically. This template can either be sent back to the supplier directly or integrated into their HubSpot system for further action.

This automation has significantly lightened the load for the sales and marketing teams responsible for processing these orders. They have experienced a 60% reduction in their workload per order processed, saving up to 12 hours each week per employee. This newfound time is now devoted to sales and marketing activities, helping MovFast boost revenue. Additionally, the reduction in processing errors by 80% has minimized returns and enhanced overall customer satisfaction.

Tiago Ferreira - CEO Movfast Brazil

"Structize AI has significantly reduced the time our team spends on processing order forms. It's a practical solution to a complex issue we've been dealing with. The best part is that it operates seamlessly without requiring a lengthy IT project or integration. We still use Excel®, but now, much of the manual labor is handled by the AI. Really any company could implement this"– Tiago Ferreira – CEO MovFast Brazil

Do you want to use AI to streamline your Order Forms, Invoices or other processes and you use Excel® for that today? Let's have a chat how we can help you:


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