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Order Management revolutionized: how Generative AI saves time and limits errors

Nothing beats a streamlined order management flow. The customer makes the order, the system processes it and makes the delivery while the supplier gets notified to replenish the warehouse. This is how it goes at your company too, right?

Classic order

Well... Reality is that in many companies it is not. There could be many reasons for this. It could be a lack of automation at one of the 3 parties involved (customer, your company, supplier). Or it just has to do with the fact that the orders are not that straight-forward to process due to constant changing product SKUs. Whatever the reasons, your admin team feels the daily struggle as they need to copy-paste the information from one system into another which costs lots of time and is extremely sensitive for errors.

Fortunately, with AI entering into the arena, many order management processes that used to be destined for manual work, can now be largely done by AI. Here are some processes that have been successfully automated by smart companies:

  1. Automated Order Entry: Generative AI can be used to automatically convert unstructured order data from emails, PDFs, or other documents into structured data in order management systems. This reduces manual entry requirements and errors, speeding up the order intake process and improving accuracy. There is even the possibility to convert to EDI standards like ANSI and EDIFACT. Think of it like an EDI co-pilot!

  2. Customer Inquiry Responses: AI can generate responses to customer inquiries regarding order status, availability, and specifications. This helps in providing quick and accurate information to customers, improving customer service and satisfaction. It typically also speeds up order time which reduced working capital costs.

  3. Automated Updated Pricing: Companies are able to update prices much faster when received from suppliers with Generative AI. Instead of receiving the updated prices per E-mail, per .pdf or by Excel and updating it manually, generative AI can directly access the newly updated pricing and do the work for them. This makes the pricing instantly available and transparent for the customers.

  4. Repetitive Tailored Order Generation: Generative AI can help by automatically creating order specifications based on customer preferences and past orders. This streamlines the repetitive order process, making it faster and more efficient.


Are you interested on how generative AI can save you lots of time, decrease errors in order management? Book an intake of your order management use-case here:  


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