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The clear benefits of AI. We are not all doomed. On the contrary.

The last few months have seen a crescendo of doom and gloom about AI in both digital and print media. I don't see it slowing down any time soon. Adding fuel to the fire in this article is not my intention, nor do I believe it would add much value.

An image with the Structize Logo depicting doom vs heaven
DALL-E:Doom vs Heaven

A different perspective is needed.

Sure, doom and gloom makes for great sensational headlines, but it tends to be a one-sided view. Instead, I wanted to offer a different perspective. I'd like to discuss the positive impact that AI (both deterministic and generative) will inherently bring, and why the future with AI is better than what many critics would have us believe.

Of course, let's not be naive.

That doesn't mean that every application of AI is rosy and doesn't need (some form of) regulation. I am not a naive techno-optimist. I would say I am a techno-realist (and I encourage you to be one too 😉). For example, deepfakes in an election year like 2024 could be very unsettling if they were released without guidance, without watermarks for authenticity, etc. But like any other major technological breakthrough, if we use it properly and with care (ie some rules apply), we can reap huge benefits from it. AI is the same.

The AI revolution is like the introduction of the automobile, not nuclear power and 'the bomb'.

Very often AI is compared to the invention of nuclear power and 'the bomb'. However, I much prefer the analogy of AI to the development of the automobile in the early 1900s. Yes, you are right. It is fair to say that cars have contributed to global warming through CO2 emissions, and yes, they have contributed to road accidents. But above all, cars have given people a lot of freedom and economic prosperity. Very few people would want to give up their car keys today, as the freedom and prosperity gained clearly outweigh the dangers by a factor of 10 to 100. I truly believe it will be the same with AI.

5 reasons to be positive:

I truly believe it will be the same with AI. Here are some key reasons why I believe in the potential of Generative AI for the greater good (sounds cheesy 🧀 - sorry):

1. Accessibility for small and medium enterprises: AI tools can make sophisticated technology accessible to small organisations that might not otherwise have the resources to develop or access it. For example, you can now run a fairly sophisticated customer care operation that was previously only possible for a corporate organisation. Up to 90% of queries can be handled using AI (email, chatbots, etc).

2. Time savings: AI can handle repetitive or time-consuming tasks, allowing individuals and businesses to focus on higher-value activities. This can lead to more efficient workflows and faster development cycles. For example, using a platform like Structize AI to fully automate input work from one file format to another.

3. Empowering non-experts: By simplifying complex tasks, AI empowers people with limited technical expertise to perform tasks that previously required specialised knowledge. This opens up new opportunities for creativity and entrepreneurship. For example, a co-pilot on Github that helps software developers write code in a programming language they are less comfortable with.

4. Education and learning: AI tools can facilitate personalised learning experiences, making education more accessible and effective. This helps to level the playing field, giving more people the opportunity to learn and improve their skills in different areas. For example, providing real-time subtitles to a teacher for children who need extra attention at school.

5. Enhanced creativity: AI can inspire creativity and enable people to quickly experiment with new ideas. For example, writing a blog post with some initial ideas from ChatGPT or some visualisations provided by DALL-E for the next website logo (or use it as an image in this blogpost 🤩).

Want to get started right away?

Are you a techno-realist like me? Are you a small or medium business that wants to embrace the future of AI instead of being a doomsayer? Let us at Structize AI help you get immediate benefits from AI in your workflow to automate otherwise mundane input work.

You can get started with a Starter plan as of EUR 99.- to reap the benefits of AI for your organisation directly:

Would you rather Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ?

Want to try building things with AI without Structize AI? Check out our article about The 7 considerations to start Prompt Engineering


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